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Founded in 2015, Sadvent is a New York-based online curated consignment platform to buy and sell menswear. Unlike traditional consignment and resale options, Sadvent provides online express quote, free shipping and pays you for your items right away. Send in your clothes for cash and shop new and like-new high end menswear for up to 90% off of retail price--all without leaving your apartment.

No hassle, no wait, just cash in hand once your items are approved.

It’s faster than eBay, safer than Craigslist, and more lucrative than traditional consignment stores.

Best of all, by using Sadvent, you can help reduce the enormous ecological impact of garment manufacturing by opting out of the supply chain. The less demand there is for new apparel, the less water and CO2 is wasted.

Sadvent is easy, ethical, and completely free. We think it’s time to rethink your online shopping experience.


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The secondary use of consumer goods can have a serious impact on our environment. For instance, if every American bought at least one pre-owned T-shirt instead of a new one, 103 billion gallons of water currently used for garment production would be saved. Using Sadvent can help reduce your environmental impact in the following ways: 

1. Save water

It takes 800 liters of water to make one T-shirt. Buying and selling with Sadvent instead of purchasing new garments can help save billions of gallons of water each year. 

2. Reduce CO2 emissions

Recycling 50,000 tons of clothing produces CO2 emission equal to that of 23,000 cars. Buy and sell with Sadvent to avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions. 

3. Save energy

Reusing clothing reduces the need to produce new clothing. Millions of kWh of energy could be saved by buying and selling pre-owned items with Sadvent. 

4. Reduce landfill usage

About 85% of unwanted clothing is sent to landfills that currently occupy about 4% of total world space. Buy and sell with Sadvent to stop landfills from growing.



Sadvent culls from a vast collection of new and like-new merchandise to offer a balanced, exclusive and organically curated selection.

Our experts are skilled in identifying flawed and counterfeit goods, providing a strict filter that ensures only the highest quality goods are offered for sale. Sadvent operates on three central tenets: only high-end brands, only mint condition items, and no fakes!

We collect and curate the best pieces from our users and offer them to you at a fraction of the original retail price.



Sadvent seeks to transform the consignment experience for buyers and sellers alike (we also understand that these can be one and the same).  We’ve streamlined every step of the experience, making sure that every detail is captured, shipping is fast (and free over $100), and returns are seamless. We want to make your Sadvent experience as painless as stepping into your favorite retail establishment.


A few words from Alex Davidovich, CEO of Sadvent

I think that these kind of businesses are poised to become a necessary part of our modern lives – much like organic food, electric cars, and recycling. Sadvent offers a straightforward way to optimize your closet and your consumption. When consumers opt out of the traditional supply chain and shift away from conventional retail shopping, they participate in a larger effort to reduce our ecological impact. With Sadvent, we hope to help you get the most out of your wardrobe and, by extension, your life.

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