23 steps to spot a fake adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons.

Made with love by Sadvent


General overview

Adidas Stan Smith is a legendary model of tennis shoe, which has existed since the sixties of the last century.



This model is packed in an adidas | Raf Simons matte black box with three glossy stripes that run diagonally from the cover to the bottom. When buying, make sure the box is not damaged and the bottom is flat and has no joints.


Label on the box

The label on the box share the information about the shoe size, color, country of origin (made in China), model and order number. Make sure that the information on the label is the same as the information on the sneakers. You can also see the QR-code on the label.


Metal ring on the box

The design of the Stan Smith's box changes depending on the model and the year of manufacture. Unlike the original model, the Raf Simons box is improved with the metal ring just for your fingers.


Paper packaging

Inside the box, the sneakers are wrapped in a black paper. The paper is starred with adidas | Raf Simons collections logos and the three stripes pattern. These patterns should not be felt by touch.



Along with the shoes, you can find two-sided glossy cardboard in the box. It has the logo of adidas x Raf Simons collections on the one side and the description of the model of the sneakers on another.


Extra laces

There are additional laces in the box that look the same as those on sneakers. You can find them in a special black cardboard envelope.



Adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons sneakers have an unique shape. With flat sole the sneaker visually goes up, due to its stylish toe cap. Note that the sole in the heel is slightly thicker than in the mid and in the fore.


Caption Raf Simons

In the heel area on the left side of each Raf Simons sneakers should be the Raf Simons’ name. In the original sneakers, it is deeply embossed. On the fakes it can be just drawn or even not exist.



Adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons sneakers are delivering with high quality fabric flat lace of the same color as an overall color of sneakers. Make sure the ends of shoelaces have tightly closed plastic tip.



The high quality of stitch between the very sneaker and it leather heel is beyond words. On the leather heel should be an embossed Stan Smith adidas trifoliate logo, and the very heel must be perfectly stitched. Make sure that the logo is embossed clearly and the letters are perfectly straight. Carefully check that the leather does not have traces of glue.


Perforated logo 'R'

On the both side of each Adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons sneakers should be perforated picture, the logo letter “R”. Perforation is not only a part of the design, but also helps to ventilate the sneakers. Make sure that the perforation dots are not damaged and create the “R” pattern, not the three strips of the original version of Stan Smith.



Unlike in the original Stan Smith adidas, the Raf Simons model has simply cut tab, not the sewn. Make sure your Adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons sneakers have a tab and it is not damaged.


The left tab

On the tab of the left shoe painted portrait of Raf Simons. Together with the portrait, you can see the adidas logo and the name of the designer. The picture of Raf Simons distinguishes his Stan Smith collection from other. Carefully check that your left sneaker has a portrait of Raf Simons, not of Smith Wall.


Right tab

On the tab of the right sneaker painted typical for the entire line Smith Wall, also with his name near the adidas logo.



The internal components of the label depend on the year, the country of manufacture and style. Check the country of manufacture (Made in China), shoe size, serial number (usually starts with 2-3 letters) and the production date (MM / YY). Make sure the style (the ART) and order number (#) is the same as on the label of the box. Finally, there is the 13-digit Unique Security number, make sure it is different on each sneaker, the last 3 digits are usually different.



Adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons sneakers have solid circular loops. Make sure that the edges of internal holes are rounded so as not to damage the laces. Also, make sure the stitch is sewn neatly and evenly. Each loop must have an outer and inner metal ring. Last loop should be perforated in the thick lining.


Interior Veneering

Adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons sneakers have synthetic inner lining, soft and pleasant to the skin. Make sure that the stitch line along the edge of the collar lining is tight, gently, evenly and well follows the edge of the pad.


Side panel stitch

There should be a strong double stitch in the part of lace eyelets. Always make sure that all the stitches are tight and sewed evenly and neatly. Notice that the thick lines of stitch ends just below the first line of perforated dots.



It is necessary to check the details attached to the sneakers sticker. The information on it must exactly match the information on the box and inside the shoes. Check the quality of coloring matter of the sticker and the hardness of his papers.



Sole of shoes consists of a rubber dot pattern and adidas originals trifoliate logo. Check carefully that the rubber dots are on the same distance and don’t connect to each other.


The logo on the inner sole

The inner sole of both Adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons sneakers have the adidas originals logo pattern with a proprietary trifoliate. The sole is the same color as the shoes.


Side logo on the sole

Adidas Stan Smith x Raf Simons sneakers have embossed adidas trifoliate logo on the side of the sole. Make sure that the sign of the trade mark 'R' is between the logo leaves and can be seen clearly. The letters of the logo must be slightly rounded.